Prayer Request: The Overdose Situation

If you live in Huntington, you already know about this.  You also know that this kind of thing has been an issue for some time.  There are many good people in our city who have been working on combating this problem, but as with most societal ills, results don’t always come as fast as we’d like.  That said, I’m encouraging all of us to pray for the shalom of Huntington – and that includes praying down the principalities and powers that enable such horrific incidents like we’ve seen in these overdoses.

God’s plan for Huntington, WV is one of peace and prosperity.  He’s already made the way for it to happen – but it’s our job to walk it out, proclaim it and live it.  He’s called us to pray for those affected.  He’s even called us to pray for and love those who perpetrate this kind of nonsense.

At the end of the day, for situations like these to be resolved, we need God’s power.  He uses many good people (teachers, law enforcement, church folks, non-church folks, etc.) to bring about shalom, but at the end of the day, Jesus is the answer to all of this.  When people realize not only that God exists, but that He willfully subjected Himself, in Jesus, to some of the worst pain and death the world had to offer – all in order that we could enjoy His peace and prosperity – that’s when things being to change.  Pray for God to move in practical ways in our city.  Pray that all those who are subjected to the bonds of addiction, prostitution, hopelessness, etc. will have an experience with God that will change them.  And pray for us as we continue to seek God concerning what our role will be in all this.